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Date: Sept. 27, 2008 . Time: 9:17 a.m.

TV debate style Entry:


TV debate style

Since I listened to the debate on the radio, I didn't get to witness the TV graphics and what-not. The Post's description cracked me up:

Since all three networks had access to the same basic pool video, some networks tried to dress up the picture with identifying decoration. NBC and CNN both had annoying animated graphics in the lower right-hand corners of the screen, just the thing for people who want to watch letters dance or globes spin around, distracting to everyone else. CNN had mercifully ditched its ticker-tape of fun facts, but replaced it with a chart that supposedly showed reactions from a sample group to the candidates' performances. The chart was hard to read and essentially useless.

9:17 a.m. - Sept. 27, 2008



I am done dogsitting, which is sad. However, the dog woke me up at 12:30 AM and 7:00 AM last night, the second time in order to throw up on my floor. I'm pretty sure he must have eaten something he shouldn't, which more or less means I didn't do a great job dogsitting. In any event, he appears to be OK again.

I took my parents to Mt. Rain*ier today, and it was a beautiful, sunny, pleasant hike. Also, it was very, very nice not to be working. I needed a day off (though I always feel like that). Three day weekends are nice. Basically it means time to do fun things AND relax a little bit.

I listened to part of the debate. I enjoyed the bit I listened to. I felt like both candidates were overall doing a good job. I thought it was interesting that they kind of switched off on what countries they were hawkish about. Oba*ma was hawkish on Pak*istan, foolishly so, I thought. I thought he was being unreasonable about the US support for Musharr*af, and I thought McCa*in did an OK job of pointing that out. However, I am totally onboard with Oba*ma's policy of actually communicating with other countries like Ir*an and N. Kor*ea. McCa*in was being ridiculous for attacking him for even considering talking to Iran without pre-conditions. Hello! Sometimes you have to talk to and get along with people you don't like. Ignoring them and pretending they're not there is not such a great plan. Oba*ma also made a good point about having to work with countries like Chi*na and Rus*sia, which are not democracies, to get Ir*an to do what we want them to do / apply effective sanctions. On those points, Oba*ma was totally on point. Unfortunately, I thought McCa*in did an OK job of pushing back on Oba*ma and making Oba*ma waffle a bit, rather than being strong on his point. That's unfortunate, because as I said, I think Oba*ma is right and there was no need for waffling.

Listening to them both reassured me a little bit. I've become disenchanted with both candidates lately, so it was nice to hear them speak somewhat intelligently. They were both rather hawkish, however, which makes me uncomfortable.

10:35 p.m. - Sept. 26, 2008


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