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Date: Jun. 14, 2003 . Time: 3:21 p.m.

at the cross of spancil hill Entry:


at the cross of spancil hill

i have a new favorite song - spancil hill, by christy moore. i've been listening to so much christy moore lately. he has such a voice. maybe i said this before, but my dad used to work with him in england eons ago. a different lifetime.

last night i played laser tag for the first time. i totally sucked. i played two games; int first i was third to last out of some thirty-some odd people, and in the second, i was second to last! i was really trying, too. i went with a bunch of people from breakers. despite my incompetency, it was a lot of fun. i'm getting a little bit more excited about the summer. jan will be living in cromem, and susan and i are going to hang out. anyway, after laser tag, nick and i hung out all evening. it was pretty late by the time it ended, but for some reason, we didn't really realize it. we decided to go for bubble tea, but the place was closed, as were coffee shops and fast food establishments (both of us were starving.) we went to safeway, and nick taught me to drive a stick. i'd tried before about two years ago, but i was better this time. then we went into safeway and got three of my favorite foods - french bread, brie, and smoke salmon. yum! i found some smoked salmon that's actually affordable; i think it's the scraps from the fillets, but it tastes just as good as the other stuff at half the price.

today i take a red-eye back to roanoke. it's going to be crazy. it's not quite the same as going to another country, but nearly. roanoke is a very, very different from san francisco. in undergrad, so many people i knew were from small towns in the south. now as a grad, most of my friends are from foreign countries or are first-generation, and they are all from big cities. being from a small town makes me unusual. hah. i am now laughing at myself for calling roanoke a small town! small city i guess is more accurate.

3:21 p.m. - Jun. 14, 2003


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