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Date: Aug. 28, 2009 . Time: 10:29 p.m.

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on healthcare

Fascinating article.

10:29 p.m. - Aug. 28, 2009


cookie rant

We often get Panera at work. It's a worldwide chain. Anyway, they serve cookies with their sandwiches. When you get a "lunch box," you get a sandwich, bread or chips and a cookie. Anyway, someone sent out an e-mail at work yesterday that there were extra cookies. Naturally, I high-tailed it downstairs to get one. I split it with my next-door neighbor. Then, however, we made the mistake of looking up the nutritional information online. It's crazy!

Calories: 440
Fat: 23 g
Saturated fat: 14 g

The RDA for saturated fat is 20g. That means with one lousy cookie, you've eaten most of the sat. fat you're allowed for the day. Not to mention the nearly 500 calories! Someone of my weight and activity level required about 2000 calories per day. That means this cookie is 20% of my calories for the day. I ran 5 miles yesterday (more than usual), and according to a calculator, I burned roughly 500 calories, or one cookie.

The thing is, I don't even like cookies all that much. Knowledge is power.

Basically, it's way too large. Many people will eat the whole cookie just because it's there - and I have many times for exactly that reason. If it were half the size, we'd feel equally satisfied. So why does the restaurant serve such an enormous cookie? Due to state law, they prominently advertise the number of calories in their sandwiches, most of which are between 700 and 1000 calories. Not bad, right? But then add in the bread and the cookie, and it's a totally different story. The cookie's calories aren't really displayed anywhere. Misleading, and so unhealthy.

I never used to be a calorie counter. I grew up being taught to clear my plate. However, I feel like modern society is almost out to get you. If you eat out, it's almost impossible to avoid overeating. I'm not sure if it's just Washington, but I think the fact they're displaying calories on menus now is great.

11:00 a.m. - Aug. 27, 2009


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