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Date: Feb. 23, 2009 . Time: 8:26 a.m.

quitting at 27 Entry:


quitting at 27

I was thinking yesterday about the fact that my Mom stopped working full-time when she was 27. She actually worked as many years as I have because she didn't go to grad school, but it's still amazing to me that she'd basically already passed on her career when she was my age. She did work later in her life, after we were born, mostly part time, very occasionally full time. Still, she definitely jumped off the rat race train and never really got back on. She and my Da*d had both been working in Fra*nce. This is essentially when and where they courted each other for 4 years. Then, they got married and that job ended, and Da*d got a new job (with the same company) in S. Afr*ica. There was no job for my Mom, and it was traditional for women to quit working when they got married back then anyway. My Da*d was very traditional, so it's probably what he would have wanted. My Mom has said she didn't particularly like working (who does?) and was happy to quit. Still, she must have been bored. She made this enormous lat*ch-hook rug while in S. Afr*ca, and anyone who's done any lat*ch-hook rug knows how long that takes.

I'd happily retire young today, but I know I'd regret it in a few years. Also, I feel like it's rather unfair to put all the pressure on one partner in a marriage. If I were to quit, B would be under enormous pressure to provide, especially given all the job losses that are occurring. I think that would be very stressful.

Job losses are hitting my brother's company. They've laid off 10% of their workforce, and "asked" all employees that have been there 5 years or more to take a 5% paycut. They're talking about a 4-day work week, which would suck for my brother since he's just starting out and needs all 100% of his income. He's lucky. They didn't "lay off" people based on seniority but based on reviews and how productive as employees they were perceived to be. Otherwise, having been there only a year, he probably would have gotten laid off, too.

8:26 a.m. - Feb. 23, 2009


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