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Date: Nov. 20, 2008 . Time: 10:23 a.m.

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bad news

I'm fortunate in that I haven't lost a parent. I'm starting to get to the age where this is happening to people I know with some regularity. Fortunately, my parents are still going strong; last month, they hiked with me on a couple of fairly strenuous hikes.

Over the summer, I went to see my Gran*dma in New Yo*rk. She's one of the people I love most on this planet. Some of my happiest memories from my childhood were spent in Voorhees*ville with my grandparents. My parents were really strict, and my grandparents were just always so nice and patient. I remember how much I enjoyed my first solo trip to visit them.

Anyway, my Grand*pa passed away a few years ago of heart disease. My Gran*dma is now 91. Generally speaking, she is very healthy, though, like the majority of women in my family over the age of 55, she has Type II Diabetes. When I saw here this summer, she was doing great. It was so nice to spend time with her.

However, my parents drove up to see her yesterday. Apparently, she's been going downhill in the last month. She's been having chest pain, which they found out after a trip to the emergency room is due to a fractured ster*num. When you're 90+, these things don't heal in a hurry. Because she'd been having trouble moving around, she hadn't been eating properly. If you have diabetes, and you don't eat properly, bad things happen. Apparently, she was starting to get confused and having trouble on her feet. My parents said she was better yesterday after seeing the doctor about her ster*num and after they made sure she ate all right. Now, we wait.

10:23 a.m. - Nov. 20, 2008


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