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Date: Oct. 28, 2008 . Time: 8:41 a.m.

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party definition

I'm not a huge Oba*ma fan in the way of those who think he's the next Mess*iah. However, I do prefer him to McCa*in, nervously, and if he's going to win, I'd like to see it happen in a dramatic fashion. I'm tired of seeing our country divided on war and gay marriage and who the real Americans are. I'm tired of Republic*ans winning the south without promising anything other than opposition to abortion, and I'm tired of Demo*crats winning by promising to end the war, distribute money in the streets, and support abortion rights. I'd love to see a new Repub*lican party that wasn't defined around religious conservatism. That's probably a pipe dream, but it occurs to me that one way it might happen is if there is a complete landslide in the next election. Perhaps the party might re-define itself - for the better.

8:41 a.m. - Oct. 28, 2008



Erg. I am sick - and not happy about it. It's just a nasty cold, but it's got all the annoying ingredients - sore throat, continuously runny noise, headache, and general feeling of malaise. I started feeling just a hair off Satur*day night, and now it's in full force.

I worked from home this morning until about 11, but had must-attend meetings at 12 and 4, so here I am, waiting for my 4 o'clock and wanting to go home. Fortunately, the first meeting, which had the potential to go badly, didn't.

Life and work goes on. I carved a pumpkin Sun*day night, which is probably my favorite Hallo*ween tradition, now in its third year. Hallo*ween would probably be my favorite holiday if we got the day off. As it is, I think my favorite holiday is Presi*dent's Day. You're through the stress and hassle of the holidays and have a nice day off for a wonderful three day weekend.

2:44 p.m. - Oct. 27, 2008


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