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Date: Oct. 20, 2008 . Time: 8:08 a.m.

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Interesting article bashing Pa*lin, as well as the "common man" language we have all been subjected to lately by all four candidates.

8:08 a.m. - Oct. 20, 2008


leinster heeled

I've been grocery shopping long enough now that I actually know how much stuff costs. One of my bigger splurges / unneeded expenses is OJ. I drink it by the gallon, not from concentrate please. I track the price of OJ like some people track the price of gas. 75 cents per pint(?) is a great deal, 80 cents a good deal, and 85 acceptable. I always flip between Tropi*cana, Flori*da's Best and Albert*son's store brand and buy whatever's on sale, but I like FB the least. Eggs are $2.99 a box to get the type laid in the Pac NW by unc*aged hens. Avocados $1 on a good day in the summer, 3/5$ most of the time, and $2 or even $2.50 when they get really pricey. I stop buying most of the time when they go above 3/$5. I LOVE avocados. My favorite wine, Merlot, if $6 - 7 a bottle, usually $7. I usually end up at the checkout, and it all adds up rather fast. My parents think I'm madly spendthrift. After reading Omni*vore's Dilemma, I've certainly become more so. I buy organ*ic milk these days, though I can' quite bring myself to buy the pathetic looking organic fruit.

I ordered Iri*sh hard sho*es online a couple of days ago. I got these. I tried on a pair in the only local store that carried hard shoes in the Sea*ttle area, but they only carried wide (my feet are narrow), and it turns out to be $50 cheaper to order from the manufacturer, even after paying through the nose for shipping. Anyway, I'm pretty convinced the shoes are absolutely beautiful. The only problem now is where to practice. I don't want to ruin my tile floors, but practicing on concrete is generally regarded as verboten. I'll probably have to put down cardboard or some other kind of temporary surface. We'll see.

10:18 a.m. - Oct. 18, 2008


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