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Date: Jun. 06, 2008 . Time: 12:43 p.m.

tending towards the mean Entry:


tending towards the mean

Yesterday was a better day, and today is not a bad day. When things are going really well, I feel like I'm walking on eggshells because something is bound to go wrong. I guess it's the same with bad days. All things tend towards the mean. And the weekend is only half a day away!

12:43 p.m. - Jun. 06, 2008



I have to wonder why Hil*lary is taking so long to concede. What's her motive? I don't get it. All the folks that have called on her to concede for months are getting riled up, so I guess that's one motivation - like driving super slowly when the person behind you starts tailgating.

If she can't be the president I'd love to see her as veep. Someone commented that Oba*ma will lose supporters because of the behavior of his supporters - ie all the Clin*ton haters. It amazes me how much anti-Clin*ton rhetoric there is out there, as compared to say anti-Oba*ma rhetoric. Oba*ma himself is a perfect gentleman. Every time I hear him speak of Hil*lary, I like him more.

I made the mistake of watching the unbelievably insulting speech by Pfl*eger. The fact that he supports Oba*ma and is an idiot doesn't really bother me. Many politicians probably have some obnoxious supporters if you looked closely enough. However, it was really sickening to see the enthusiastic reaction of the congregants in O's church to the speech. O did the right thing by leaving.

11:38 a.m. - Jun. 05, 2008


the grass is always browner

Another day. I was nauseous this morning thinking about going to work. The combination of way to much work, a stressful deadline, and the feeling that one particular "colleague" is out to get me is just killing me.

I'd love to retire.

Yesterday, I just wanted to find a new job. I was talking to a friend in my Irish dance class, another aerospace engineer, and she said that at Boe*ing they have just been put on 7 days a week mandatory overtime, 10 hours a day except Sundays at 8 hours a day. Indefinitely. 6 days a week is one thing, but 7 days indefinitely? Yuck. So the grass is always browner I guess.

7:26 a.m. - Jun. 04, 2008


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