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Date: Apr. 15, 2008 . Time: 7:56 a.m.

schultz redeems himself? Entry:


schultz redeems himself?

The news that Schultz will sue to get the Sonics back on the basis that Clay Bennett breached the terms of sale made my day. I can't believe it. I guess this means I can end my personal Starbucks boycott. (Since I don't drink coffee the boycott was really symbolic. ;) )

7:56 a.m. - Apr. 15, 2008



I just returned home from running the Whidbey island Half. I'd been training for it for about 4 months (from a start of basically no recent running), and my goal going in was to beat my previous half marathon time of 1:51x. Anyway, on the Friday before the race, a colleague at work used a Google Maps derivative to plot an elevation map (not provided on the website). I'd known it was hilly, but not THIS hilly. There were two 350 foot hills and many smaller hills. I started thinking that perhaps my time goal was not realistic.

We drove out to the island (via a bridge) yesterday. It turns out that an island with only one way on and off, good weather, and a half marathon are a formula for some really nasty traffic. It took a REALLY long time to get to the area where the race was to be held. Once we got there, I picked up my race packet, which included the Tshirt. The shirt was a little disappointing - *organic* cotton and bamboo, but looks and feels about like regular cotton to me, versus tech T given out in past years. All else was well.

Then, we drove the course. Turns out all those hills looked even bigger than I'd imagined in person! For dinner, we microwaved pasta in our hotel room for dinner, and I attempted to sleep. I was incredibly nervous and managed about 5 hours, I think.

The next morning, I was really freaking out and swearing never to do a half marathon again. I'm not really sure how to deal with the nervousness. I've been running for well over a decade now, and it never seems to go away. Anyway, when I finally got to the starting line, I started feeling better. It was cold and windy - better than hot and sunny as it had been the day before. I'd decided to revise my time goal based on the course hilliness and general nervousness, so I was shooting for sub 2 hours. I decided to take it slow and easy through the end of the second of the two major hills and then pick it up from there. Tentatively, I was hoping for 9 minute pace on average.

Well, I started back in the pack. There was organization at the start, so there were walkers mixed in runners of all speeds. There was a moderate hill right at the beginning, but I took my time and it felt easy. I hit mile one in about 9:15, feeling good. Mile two was downhill and went by fast - under 9 minutes. In mile 3, we hit Major Hill #1. I could hear other people in the pack who obviously hadn't driven the course wondering whether we were really going to have to run up it, or if we'd turn before the hill. I was glad that I'd known in advance. Anyway, I took it easy up the hill, and it felt really easy. Mile 3 was probably 9:30 or so. Mile 4 was flat and felt good. I picked it up a bit to balance out the last mile, and ended up at the end of mile 4 on exactly 9 minute pace.

Mile 5 was fine, some downhills. At the end of the 5th mile, we hit Major Hill #2. At this point, I'm feeling more fatigued, but still good. I paced myself, and a lot of people passed me on the hill. The hill lasted about 1.25 miles, to the end of the mile 7. Mile 6 went by in about 9:30. The good news was, thanks to going out slow, I felt great at the 7 mile mark, and both hills were done.

At this point, I started picking up the pace. Mile 7 was a gradual uphill for the first half, and then we hit a steep downhill. I ran Miles 7 and 8 in about 8:30 apiece, maybe faster. I was passing a lot of people. Normally, I take races out fast, so I'm used to the opposite happening. It felt great to be fresh. Maybe there's something to the negative split thing. At the 9 mile mark, I realized that I'd have to run the last 4 miles in 28 minutes to meet 1:51, so that wasn't going to happen. I'd definitely be under 2 hours, though.

I tried to push the last 4 miles. They became progressively more painful, and I stopped looking at the my watch. I really started pushing with 1.5 miles to go. The first half of the last mile was uphill, and that was definitely the worst hill of the race, though it wasn't the longest or the steepest. Finally, we got up that hill, and ran into the stadium where the race finished. I was not pleased to realize we had to complete a lap of the track before finishing. I sprinted it in, and I think squeaked in with a chip time under 1:53. They haven't released the results yet, so we'll have to see. Despite not reaching my original goal, I was very pleased due to the hilly nature of the course.

Overall, I enjoyed the race once it started (not the nerves beforehand), but I'm looking forward to not running a race that long again any time in the near future.

3:26 p.m. - Apr. 13, 2008


great video

Great, inspirational video of a Ryan H*all workout in preparation for the Lon*don marathon. I find it a little comforting knowing that about a gazillion people will be pushing themselves on Sunday, since Lon*don is that day as well.

7:48 p.m. - Apr. 10, 2008


save our sonics II

A fascinating read.

1:12 p.m. - Apr. 10, 2008


sports teams

The situation with Son*ics basketball is really sad. As someone who loves basketball (watching, and likes playing) and has absolutely zilch interest in baseball or football, I can't decide whether I'm sadder or angrier.

Read this. And this. and this. Just terrible.

Some of the articles give some nice history. For the uninformed reader; Howard Schultz is the old owner, for two years, who is head of Starbucks. He sold to the highest bidder, knowing the team would likely leave. Clay Bennett is the new owner trying to move the team to Oklahoma City. The Strom will stay. Some choice quotes:

That truth was confirmed in an August magazine interview with co-owner Aubrey McClendon, who said, "We didn't buy the team to keep it in Seattle." McClendon also stated that he wasn't in favor of the Storm because he didn't want "those kind of women" in Oklahoma City � referring to lesbians. McClendon and co-owner Tom Ward have given $1.1 million to anti-gay marriage proponents.

8:35 a.m. - Apr. 10, 2008


violence in kenya

Runner's World had a great article on what's going on in Kenya this month. It really explained all the background. Above all, it convinced me that both Odin*ga and Kib*aki are incredibly irresponsible. They're in the process of trying to turn this country into just another region of ethnic groups killing each other. It really blows my mind. RW made really explained that this sort of thing has been possible for a long time.

Should world leaders be sending in peace-keeping forces?

11:55 a.m. - Apr. 08, 2008


save our sonics

Next Sunday, B and I have tickets to the last Son*ics game of the year. Hopefully, it won't be the last Son*ics game EVER. We went last weekend to see them play the Roc*kets. They were leading at halftime but ended up losing the game. For the Son*ics, it wasn't a bad game. However, it was nothing compared to their win over Den*ver on Sunday. We watched that game on TV, and it was fantastic. What a game! I wish we'd been there for that one.

B and I had a great 8 mile run Saturday. I normally NEVER run with a watch, but I plan to wear one in the race, so I wore one Saturday. It really caused me to pick up my pace. I guess that's why I don't wear one normally. Anyway, we averaged 8:35 miles, but ran a couple 8:00 miles at the end, and it didn't feel all that bad. Of course, 8 miles is a lot less than 13. Also, the race is supposed to be really hilly. They advise practicing hills in the confirmation email. However, they don't have an elevation map for the half marathon - or more accurately, they have one posted on their website, but it's wrong! I'm not impressed.

11:39 a.m. - Apr. 07, 2008


something to like

Something to like about Obama.

And, I more or less agree with this guy's comments on Fit*na.

1:11 p.m. - Apr. 02, 2008


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