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Date: Aug. 28, 2007 . Time: 11:12 p.m.

nerves Entry:



I was getting nervous before my trip today. I always get nervous when I go new places. I don't get nervous going basically anywhere in the US or Ire*land or by car in Can*ada. A 2 day ferry trip in Can*ada is a new experience. I remember freaking out before going to Fra*nce (by myself) to begin the second leg of my Europe trip. Never mind that I was meeting Lau*rent of GT Or*chestra, or that J would be joining me in a few days. I was queasy. That, however, was nothing on how I felt before going to the DR. I thought I would have a heart attack in the J*F*K terminal, surrounded by non-En*glish speakers who were clearly not going on a resort vacation. I was so worried that I wouldn't find R in the SD airport and would end up completely lost. Another trip that made me nervous, actually, was when I took my fellow Cro*members skiing at Tah*oe. This was nerve-wracking because I was responsible for 24 other rather dependent people.

I bathed the dog tonight. Bathing him is not an enjoyable experience for either of us. He is deathly afraid of water, but he rolled in something quite nasty so a bath was necessary. Having a hose and a backyard is helpful.

Tomorrow is my last day of work, speaking of things that are stressing me out.

11:12 p.m. - Aug. 28, 2007



We saw Bo*rat this weekend, or part of it anyway. I couldn't stand to watch the whole thing. I probably would never have chosen to watch it, but B rented it. I never tend to enjoy offensive humor, or extreme stupidity. This seems to be in contrast to the majority of the population. Nevertheless, I have to say I enjoyed the rodeo scene (not the singing) hilarious. Otherwise, I give the movie 1.5 stars. B liked it, though.

We rented The Pursuit of Happy*ness last night and found it a little slow. I seriously regretted reading the back of the DVD before watching it, because knowing the ending took away from the movie. Anyway, it made me want to give money to a local homeless shelter. When I worked at the local soup kitchen in undergrad, the vast majority of people were homeless men. What happens to the women? Do they find shelter elsewhere, not get homeless in the first place, or what? I remember seeing one of two families. Everyone was ultra-nice to the children obviously, but still. How awful for them.

8:44 a.m. - Aug. 27, 2007


iPhone unlocked

This kind of thing rocks my world. I love that teenagers can defeat whatever complicated security features adult (read old) software engineers can come up with.

3:15 p.m. - Aug. 24, 2007



The map below is my plan for a vacation next week. Hurrah! Our itinerary is as follows:

Thursday, 8/30 Drive to Anacortes, WA
Friday, 8/31 Catch 8:15 AM ferry to Sidney, BC on Vancouver Island
Saturday 8/31 Drive to Northern tip of Vancouver Island, stopping along the way to sightsee. Catch 9:30 PM ferry out of Port Hardy. (mapped below)
Sunday, 9/2 Travelling on ferry, stopping various remote locales
Monday, 9/3 Arrive in Bella Coola at 7 AM. Ferry leaves for return journey at 8 AM. Arrive in Port Hardy at 9 PM
Tuesday 9/4 Travel South on Vancouver Island, sightseeing along the way
Wednesday 9/5 Catch 11:20 AM ferry from Sidney to Anacortes and drive back to Seattle

2:52 p.m. - Aug. 24, 2007


map test

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11:52 a.m. - Aug. 23, 2007


the news

Ah, the joys of perusing the newspapers in the morning!

CNN reports that infectious diseases are spreading faster. They state: "In its annual World Health Report, the United Nations agency warned there was a good possibility that another major scourge like AIDS, SARS or Ebola fever with the potential of killing millions would appear in the coming years." First of all, I doubt this is what the report said. Mainly, I think equalizing SARS and AIDS is completely ridiculous. Another part of me shudders at the thought of another HIV-like disease. We are the generation that grew up with HIV, affected and not affected by it. Mostly not, compared to Africa for example, but there is no doubt this has been a scary background.

The mini-section on aging is also interesting. Apparently the body's major organs start to decline at age 30. This should be no surprise. Athletic performance in the "pure" sports (running, etc.) always starts to drop off at 30, and drops precipitously by 35, at least among women. I'm 27. *sigh*

8:14 a.m. - Aug. 23, 2007


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