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Date: Feb. 24, 2003 . Time: 2:36 p.m.

the great waxing experiment Entry:


the great waxing experiment

recently i've become utterly fed up with shaving. my ancestors come from northern europe, and clearly they evolved into hairy people - to keep warm perhaps? whatever the logic, if i shave every day, my legs are rough by afternoon. the bathroom in cromem is always cold, and i swear to god sometimes this has an instant-hair-growth effect and my legs rough by the time i leave the shower! in any event, i've had it with rough and scratchy legs. as mentioned before, i'm a fairly hairy person with pale skin and dark hair, so not shaving isn't really an option. this leaves us with waxing and nair. i've tried nair - it doesn't really work, and it's a pain in the neck. so i decided to try waxing. three attempts, a couple hours (net), a tub of wax, some discomfort and $8 later, i've gotten about 2/3 of the hair off my legs. i figure with one more go i'll get the rest of it. the main reason this is taking so many attempts, i think, is that i've had a learning curve and it took a while to get the knack. right now i'm thinking i'm never going to shave again, but we'll see how fast the hair grows back.

meanwhile, half my chinese & korean hallmates don't shave at all and their legs are basically hairless! also, some of them don't wear deodoraunt, and they don't smell! i am so jealous!!

2:36 p.m. - Feb. 24, 2003



this quote from idaws rather explains how i feel at the moment:

I'm sick of always being tired and sleepy except when it's bedtime. I'm sick of being constatnly low on fuel. I'm sick of homework, of chapters I should be studying, glossaries I should be cramming, projects I should be writing and sums I should be adding. I'm sick of tests and grades which never seem to be good enough.

I'm sick of having to set goals, and getting right back up on the horse when I don't make them. I'm sick of guilt. Of friends I should have written to, friends I should have treated better, birthdays I should have remembered and things I shouldn't have said. I'm sick of being responsible, of showing initiative, of taking the blame, of blaming others, of always having to do the moral and ethical thing.

I'm sick of money. Of seeing it go out, and never in, of wanting things and having to sheow discipline. I'm sick of always always always feeling guilty about any kind of indulgement. I'm sick of acting superior but always feeling inferior.

I'm so freaking sick and tired of always feeling as if, no matter what I'm doing, I should be doing something else. If I'm working, I should be working on something more important, if I'm eating, I should be exercising, if I'm watching TV, I should be reading something profound. But most of all, I'm sick and tired of never getting anything done, but always feeling as if I never put my feet up.

5:40 p.m. - Feb. 23, 2003


becoming a raving lunatic

someone from stanford checked my page at 1:30. and it wasn't me. hmmm.

so, what does it mean when you're willing to sit for hours helping someone with a homework you've already done? when you help them debug code you've already written? when you'd rather work on homework with them than do most other things with other people? when you become irrationally upset if they choose to read a newspaper at lunch rather than speak to you?

frankly, i think it means i'm becoming a raving lunatic.

4:06 p.m. - Feb. 21, 2003


non-linear control - check

yesterday i found out that i had no homework due in e209 this week. you can hardly imagine my excitement! in fact, it scared. having only two homeworks due, i hardly know what to do with myself! i guess i could try to catch up or even (gasp) get ahead.

10:45 a.m. - Feb. 20, 2003


sparsity and snow in washington

and the whirlwind begins again . . .

abhinav went to washington over the weekend and got snowed in and so spent last night at the airport. i thought he had just decided to take another week off. he missed his cleaning shift - alberto was not happy.

in other news, it's another week of homework, homework and more homework! stay tuned for more thrilling adventures! a.m. and i just finished solving a (simple) proof that took us 3 hours to figure out. ONce we got it, it took all of 5 minutes to write down. so we turn in a sparsely written page for 3+ hours work. and the ta will probably find something to take off a point for anyway.

1:59 a.m. - Feb. 19, 2003


Chicken and Green Chile

well i started cooking at 1:00 today and didn't finish until 6, but I have to say that dinner turned out quite well. We had spicy tomato soup, chicken and green chile burritos, and mexican rice (courtesy of alberto) and coffee custard for dessert. (john can laugh now, remembering how i used to turn up my nose at custard in ireland.) I'm dead wrecked now, heading to flute choir, but it turned out excellently (especially the custard), and I got lots of compliments, so I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy.

I think I can make it through this week, achieve my objectives and still get adequate sleep. Let us hope I don't eat my words.

The average on the jet pro midterm was 14/30, and I'm just praying I got something somewhere near that number. Praying. Probably futilely. Somebody shoot me . . . (no, I don't really mean that.)

6:48 p.m. - Feb. 17, 2003


in case of terrorist attack

i was becoming a little worried about my lack of terrorist attack supplies. should i go out and purchase duct tape, plastic srap and 3 months supply of food and water? i wouldn't want to be caught unprepared - vulnerable to the spread of some horrible disease my more together neighbours are able to shelter from in their "saferoom" for months at a time thanks to their preparations.

however, i read an interesting article in the new york times today which basically informed me i have nothing to worry about. according to the article, chemical weapons are, pound for pound, equally or less effective than conventional bombs, and harder to implement. in addition, the germs generally disperse quickly, so you either get it or you don't, and have not time to retreat to said saferoom. and if it's in the ventilation, your saferoom probably won't be that effective.

the true scary threat is a small atomic bomb, or a "dirty" bomb used to spread radioactive material. and the government hasn't told us what to do in that situation. new york times did though. we should retreat to the ground floor and stay indoors, with windows & doors closed. (of course, if you're in the direct path of the bomb, the game's up. but far more people will be likely to be affected by fallout.) if downwind we should try to go away, but only if the road's are clear, because a house is better protection than a car. and we should take potassium iodide pills. which brings me to my last point: it's a better idea to buy potassium iodide pills than duct tape. should i get some? perhaps . . .

2:19 p.m. - Feb. 16, 2003


i can't stop when it comes to you

today i went for my first run in about two weeks. i loped through about 4 miles with a surprisingly low amount of discomfort. the absolutely perfect weather certainly helps. it makes me realize that running well is the product of not days, not weeks or months, but years of training, for better and for worse. so i can slack for a couple weeks and be ok, but training diligently for 2 months won't do that much for me if i haven't fun much in the past couple of years.

last night i had a lovely evening with my hallmates. we watched 10 things i hate about you together and stayed up talking 'til 2 in the morning. it's nice to chat with girls occasionally - i don't do enough of that.

listening to: garbage . vow

'woman is not:
. a passive, empty mirror .
. a frilly, uselss decoration .
. a mindless animal .
. a thing to be disposed of by others .
. incapable of a voice in her own existence .'
- betty friedan, the feminine mystique

3:00 p.m. - Feb. 15, 2003


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