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Date: Nov. 03, 2009 . Time: 9:19 a.m.

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I've decided to start posting here.

9:19 a.m. - Nov. 03, 2009


m/paternity leave

I stumbled across what is apparently our company's m/paternity leave policy. It's new. Here's the deal:

1.) Men: 2 weeks paid leave

2.) Women: 6 weeks paid leave. After this is exhausted, one must use up vacation (3 weeks for all employees), then may apply for disability if additional leave is required.

Any fixed holidays are not added. In other words, if you take 4 weeks and it occurs over Christmas, you still get only 4 weeks.

My question: is this generous? What does NASA provide? If non-NASA employees read this, what does your company provide?

It doesn't seem very generous to me. 6 weeks is not a long time to take off after having a baby. Using up all your vacation doesn't seem like a great option either. I mean, the last thing you want is NO vacation for an entire year after having a baby! On the other hand, the company is not required to provide any paid leave. I also think they would be willing to work with me in terms of unpaid leave. I doubt they would be very flexible with the men unless there was a good reason (baby born with health problems, for example).

10:38 a.m. - Oct. 27, 2009



B and I are, as of today, officially living together!!

Sea ttle is playing Hou ston in the first round of the playoffs. It's a two game series with the team that scores the most goals the winner. B and I have tickets to the first match Thursday night at 7 PM. We missed the initial ticket sale and weren't able to get good seats as the initial seats sold out in a few hours. However, we had a great time at the friendly against Chel*sea despite being up in the rafters. This time it will definitely be much chillier and possibly wetter. Anyway, I'm excited. I wish I had a Sounders parka or something.

Seattle had its last regular season match Saturday. The match set a league record for attendance at a single match (about 33K). In addition, the team set a record for average attendance at league matches during the season (about 30K). The only match I went to had 65,000 people attending (a non-league match). I love that Seattle is so enthusiastic. It's all good until they start wanting to buy a new stadium. I still can't get as excited about soccer as basketball. Basketball was great because it was such a fun thing to do during the long dark and rainy winter. Soccer is in the summer and outdoors anyway.

5:37 p.m. - Oct. 26, 2009


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